Chris Matthews and Keith Obermann who both have man crushes on Obama have been replaced as anchors during the rest of the election season.  This is a very happy day for us Hillary supporters who have tried to stop them from being so biased.  Does Keith still have that thrill going up his leg. I will never forgive either man for their sexism during the Primary. They have already started with their bias against Sarah Palin.

Poor BO he slips and reveals his real faith.  Now two of his cult members will not be able to anchor the debates or election night.  Next thing on the list have those two lose their shows.

There is a list for CNN to also clean house with. Lets start with Donna Brizille, Jack Cafferty, Cambell Brown, Suzette Mulvulle, Roland Martin, and others on that show. We need to send a clear message that sexism is not the way to win females over to the advertisors dollars.