John McCain got a 10 point bounce in the polls thanks to his picking Sarah Palin and his convention. McCain united his party  which always results in higher numbers after the convention. The numbers tend to stay high as well.

Obama’s 7% lead did not stick around for even a week because Obama did not unite the Democrats. The voters are still angry at the Democrats for such a farce for the Primaries. I am glad the Democrats are going to lose this year. They are so dumb for not seeing that Obama peaked. Hillary was kicking his butt and still the thieves in the Democratic Party appointed him the Nominiee. Well have fun big ears and lose your precious career.

Obots just in case you didn’t know this but Obama doesn’t get a second chance.  Hillary does in 2012.

McCain and the Republicans have to hit Obama with several surprises. We are hoping for the whitey tape.