Obama opened up his mouth again. He said he didn’t spend the past 18 months to come in second. He was begging for money since he lied and said he would take matching campaign funds but then changed his mind.

He was at a joint fundraiser for his campaign and the DNC. These people paid over $30,000 to attend this event. I would be demanding a big refund for all the hot air I would have had to put up with.

He is going to need all the money he can get because his poll numbers are terrible. He is going to lose. He doesn’t get to come in second He comes in last. He gets no other chance to run for President. He will face the fact that his career will be over. I can picture him in 2012 watching Hillary become the 45th President. He will be so upset because he will be a has been like he portrayed the Clintons.

He also sounded like he was a little ticked that some uppity woman stole his thunder. After all he worked hard stealing one race off of a woman. What is the first thing that he and his dirty campaign did. They tried to get Sarah out of the race.  He is so afraid of powerful women. He tries to get them out of the race. Good luck with that Obummers.