This is just another example of the hatred that Barry taught to his supporters every day. This woman is deluded into wishing someone would lynch Bill and Hillary Clinton and shot. Well as an African American I am very offended by this racist statement. Now I am sure Obama and his stupid offensive campaign will spin it that she can’t be racist because she is black. Wrong Mr Mulatto man it is offensive. Lynching was a terrible part of our history. You would know that you stupid Oreo cookie if you were really African American. The truth is you are only a man of color. You know nothing of our history or you would not be so offensive.

You leave the door open for whites to hope for blacks to be lynched when you make these sort of statements. This is the kind of crap that our girl Hillary had to deal with during the Primaries.

Keep your people in line Obummers are you are going to lose and it may be to late for you to win now.