This article is about the latest numbers it has McCain now leading among white women. Obama is suffering from the Hillary factor. He is losing white women because of the way he treated Hillary is coming back because of how his campaign is treating women. I have heard stories of Obama’s Aides laughing at women when they suggested appointing women to not only the bottom of the ticket but half his cabinet positions. It wasn’t that difficult of a task and they laughed.  That was disrespectful. Senator McCain listened and appointed a woman. He LISTENED.

Women are going to be the swing vote this year and the media seems to notice that we aren’t playing nice. FOX has noticed this because that station has soared in the ratings while CNN and MSNBC are tanking.  Ellen is defeating Oprah. The Hillary factor.  Senator McCain saw that coming but Obama never even thought about Hillary or her 18 million voters.  That is going to cost him in November.

What was his reaction the same old they will be back they are thrilled because Sarah is a woman but once they realize that I am better for women then she is then they will be back by November.

This is the same thing they said about the PUMAS. That isn’t happening and they know it. Obama is going to lose because he did not unite his party.