I am going to say this one more time to those former Hillary supporters and Obots alike. I did my research and that is why I am not backing Obama. I am not one to allow someone else and in the case from the endless comments attacking McCain for slamming Hillary or what other foolishness when ANYTHING the Republicans did to Hillary during this Primary year came no where near the sexism of the Obama campaign.

I did my research enough to know that John McCain pays his female staff $2 more then he pays his male staff people and he hires more of them. I researched enough to know that Obama¬†believes a woman should HAVE the permission from practally any male in their lives. I have researched enough to know that McCain has spent years reaching over the ailse and I know he is a Moderate Republican which is the same as a moderate Democrat which is what the hell I am. I am right of center like McCain. I researched enough about John McCain it is the Obots that haven’t done their research.

I stand by this belief that the Democrats are going to remain sexist. I was proven correct because they called her a pig.