Donna Brizille and other Democrats are comparing Obama to Jesus. This is very offensive to me and to most other Christians. Obama is nothing close to being Jesus. Jesus for one thing could speak in front of  a large crowd without a teleprompter and Obama cannot.

This runs the risk of looking like blasphemy which to me is what this kind of talk looks like. They are comparing Obama to Jesus and saying that Sarah is more like Pontius Pilate. That is ridiculous and proves the Democrats have lost their collective minds.

Donna is a sexist anyway and is so mad because another white woman had the nerve to steal her man’s thunder. Well Donna and the rest of the DNC thought they played a joke on the American People but they were fooled the American people are not that dumb.

It’s time America sends a message to the Democratic Party to stop using Jesus in your message especially when you are comparing him to Jesus. Perhaps if he were a real Christian he would know that is blasphemy.