The old adage that the down tickets are only as strong as the top of the ticket is ringing true. The Democrats had a double digit lead over the Republicans and now that has disappeared to a mere 3%. I am happy by this because the Democrats deserve to lose several races especially those that supported Obama. They stole this election which caused hard feelings and then he refused to take women into consideration and refused to name one on the ticket. He should have chosen Hillary or another woman but he didn’t.  He failed to unite his party and the result will be big loses.

The other factor is McCain united his party and attracted a good deal of Obama’s base when he selected Governor Sarah Palin. They have become Popular and she has energized his race. He also proved to people that he listens. His down tickets are happy and their numbers have improved.

I want the Senate to remain under Democratic control and I want Hillary Clinton named as Majority leader. We Hope the DNC are listening to us now.