This hopefully will make the Obots and feministbots who want me to see the light and vote for the sexist because after all he is on the right side of the issues. That is one of the silliest things I have ever heard. I should vote for a sexist because he is on the right side of the issues.

Now there is a law called the equal pay bill. It will ensure that women are paid the same amount that men are paid for equal work. Obama voted for this bill but McCain didn’t vote for this bill. I understand he objected to there not being no statue of limitations. I would like to see them pass the bill.  The pundits say that McCain doesn’t believe in equal pay. That is a very big lie because McCain pays his women more then he pays his males and three of his five top wage earners are females.

Obama has indeed voted for this law so you would assume that he pays his female staff at least equal to his male staff but the truth is he doesn’t pay his women more or equal he pays them less and he only has one female in the top position. 

Sometimes actions speak louder then words.