The Obama campaign began attacking McCain’s inability to use a computer. Why didn’t they make fun of him  for not being able to tie his shoes. I guess Obama who never served his country a day in his life doesn’t understand that the reason McCain depends on his wife Cindy to send out his emails. The same reason you will not see McCain standing on stage holding his hands up in the air because he was tortured in the POW camp called the Plantation. He was beaten for days after they re broke his arm. He was tortured because he refused early release because of his father being an admiral in the navy. He finally signed the confession after several days.

I wonder how Obama would handle that. Hell the way he screams and whines during this campaign all anyone holding Obama would have to do is say fairy tale and Obama would start crying and falling all over the ground. He would not only confess but tell his captors anything they wanted.

Obama its tacky to make fur of McCain’s disability. Its bad enough you are picking on Sarah but to make fun of McCain’s disability is disgusting and I am keeping track of every offensive thing he is doing.