This is a little help for the Obots to pay them back for the racist three stages of grief everyone thought would be so helpful for the Hillary supporters during the Primary.

The First stage of panic is trying to fix the problem. This is what the Obots are trying to do when they do things like spin replacing Biden with Hillary. This is the sort of stunt that they think is going to put Obama over the top. This 30 year old political junkie knows that would not have helped him because the Republicans will paint him as the ultimate flip flopper.  He doesn’t get do overs in the White House he needs to prove that he doesn’t need do overs.

The Second stage is the blame game. I will give it to some Obots they have decided to blame the Obama campaign and the DNC for this mess. They think that the Obama campaign and the DNC should have treated Hillary and her supporters better.  I agree with them, however, they should also blame themselves as well. They were horrible and just as much to blame as the folks in the Obama campaign and the DNC. They also blame the media for being so sexist to Hillary. They will not acknowledge their own blame.

The final stage is acceptance. They have figured out that the Hillary supporters are voting for McCain despite the issues because they do not like nor trust Obama. They have actually admitted its not racism but distrust.  They realize that the biggest mistake in this election was the disrespect shown to Hillary and her supporters.

The Democrats are beginning to realize that the only people capable of beating the Republicans are the Clintons. They have built a coalition of Democrats that have proven to be a winner.  The DNC, The Obots, and the News Media need to remember that in four years. It will be to late for Barry.

To the Obots welcome to the world of defeat. The next time you support a Candidate perhaps your be a little nicer to that candidate and their supporters during the Primaries as you will need them should your candidate prevail.  It is to late to help Unlimited Ears and Unlimited Beers but there is still time for you to learn.