Spike Lee is a racist and sexist and he wishes to give women advise. He actually thinks we should get over this and dry our eyes. Never mind that that con man from Chicago is a terrorist that plans to destroy America. We have to elect an African American.

First of all why would European American women want to elect an African American man when they still have a chance of making history. That in itself was very offensive. Women will vote against their chance to make their history if African Americans would vote for McCain. This is what you are asking women. African Americans should be ashamed of themselves the way they acted this year. They were calling people racist and threatening to riot. Now Whites are threatening to riot. Whites riot against blacks then the blacks will be wiped off the planet. It would be worst then all the years of Jim Crow. You would then have to place the blame on Black people if there are any left.  You have to take responsibility for that.

I have no intention of voting for a sexist pig like Obama. I am black but I am also female and during this election being a woman is having men tell you how to think and how to feel and Hillary and Sarah have faced more sexism then Obama faced racism. Obama played the race card and White people were called racist. Do you think this helped him get these voters. I would say no it didn’t.

Race relations are going to be set back 50 years and if that happens you can pretty much kiss African Americans good-bye. That would be your fault and the fault of Obama and the crooked DNC.

I am voting for McCain/Palin because I plan to make history by electing a female. I have no desire for that black man to go anywhere but back to Kenya. He is unAmerican. He can take Spike Lee, Louis Farrakhan, and Michelle I am the most racist woman in America, Obama.

I look forward to the release of the Whitey tape and the end of that man’s career.