The Obots are at it again.  They are leaving comments this time pleading and begging me to vote for Mr Sexist Pig of 2008.  I don’t care how much you try to tell me he would be better for women I just remember him playing “I got 99 Problems and the bi^&h ain’t one.”  I am really going to trust him with my gender. No thank you the man seems to hate women. He just used sexism and more sexism to steal this election from Hillary and now he is trying to do the same thing to Sarah. Yeah I trust him with Women’s rights.

They should have reined him in during the Primary but no one did anything so now that he is doing it to Sarah more women are remembering what he did to Hillary and leaving the Democrats. Good. Democrats deserve to be punished. They aren’t doing their jobs anyway.

This blogger endorsed John McCain two days before John picked Sarah she was just the icing on the cake.