Dr. Lynette Long a Hillary supporter and a staunch Liberal is not only supporting McCain but also campaigning for him. Her family doesn’t understand why she is supporting a Republican when she is against so many of their politics. In my family its because we have been Democrats forever and no one understands the voting Republican thing. They don’t mind me voting for him but to actually help them by campaigning.

There are a lot of us out here because we are sick of what happened in the Democratic party this year. Yes we are refusing to toe the party line and we are not going to back a man who will not even give women the respect of listening to us without laughing.

He has the endorsement of NOW and that isn’t helping him. That endorsement may end up costing them. Women will be heard this year by both political parties one seems willing to listen before the election the other will have to be taught to listen but they will hear us roar and in 2012 they will remember the last time they did not listen and disrespected women. They will remember and defend Hillary in 2012.