Obama told people to get in the people who oppose him faces stating that if they say he is against the Second Amendment when in fact his record says the opposite. He will say anything to get elected. Gee the Hope and Change guy is just another lying Politician.

Obama says he won’t raise taxes but his plans are expensive he has no choice but to raise taxes. He needs to be honest. Oh that’s right this is Obama who we are talking about he wouldn’t know honesty if it bit him in the back. He thinks the American People are stupid to not see that he is no different. He acts like he is better then everyone else that doesn’t go well in places like PA, Ohio, Florida, Michigan and the South.

Life is a little bit different in PA we hunt here and that is part of our culture. There is nothing wrong with that most of the hunters here eat what they kill.  I personally do not hunt its not in me but I do not oppose hunting and see the benefits. Obama wouldn’t understand that.

He also wouldn’t understand the fact that we like being American we do not always need to be responsible for every problem in the World. I am sorry but I am sick of America being the scapegoat for the World’s problems and I wish the Democrats would stop buying into that mumbo jumbo.

McCain does understand because he listens to people. Hillary also listens to people that is what makes a good president. Not nice speeches or having the media in your pocket. What makes a good President is one that listens.