The media is at it again trying to fix this race or offer excuses for the reason why Obama loses in November. Now they are manufacturing white racists that answer the polls. I do not know anyone who would tell the pollsters that they are not voting for Obama because he is black.

Now I notice that they talk about the white people who will not vote for Obama but they never mention the fact that 90% of all black people are voting for Obama– that is as racist as the people who are white voting for McCain/Hillary because they are white.

I would like to see the media explain why so many African Americans who supported Hillary are now voting for McCain. I know we are a bunch of Uncle Tom’s that hates to see a brother get ahead. This is what the Obama campaign has been telling us since January.

It would be difficult to really gauge how many people are voting against Obama due to his race. They also do not take into consideration that Obama is very sexist and used sexism to defeat Hillary Clinton and now he is using it against Sarah Palin which is why a lot of women are not backing him.

They also fail to admit that the DNC stole this election from Hillary and her supporters and that Obama failed to unite his party. I know that is his race too. The media needs to accept the fact that not all people who supported Hillary are voting Democrat this year.