Greta wants to find out if Obama is still having problems winning us over. We are angry because of the way that Hillary was treated in the Primary. We are tired of all the stuff that the DNC did to us.

I had my vote thrown away during that sham of a roll call vote so why again should I vote for this party. I was a loyal Democrat for 26 years and this is how I was treated like some old piece of dirt. We were told that we were no longer needed by the Democrats. The New Democrats were younger and more Urban. We were told that we were more in tune with the Republican party then we are with the Democrats anyway.

They disrespected our leaders the Clintons and ignored our voices when we cried out for them to listen. We told them we were going to vote for McCain but they thought we would unite.  They were wrong we will not unite around Obama. I am not willing to unite with any Democrat this year since they want to disenfranchise me. They threw my vote away and now they want me to vote for that creep. No Not this Hillary supporter.