The Republican leadership in the House is trying to stop the Democrats from passing this Economic Stimulus plan because it has to much pork.

Most of the Pork is directed to ACORN who I assume they are paying back for helping the DNC steal the Primary from Hillary Clinton and the Moderate Democrats.  ACORN has a history of election fraud. In 2007 several paid canvassers in that organization decided to fill out the forms themselves going to the library and making up names and social security cards.  One man sat at home and smoked marijuana while he filled out the cards.

The Democrats want to pay back this organization for all its hard work this primary season by using direct confrontation or what is also known as thuggish behavior on behalf of the Obama campaign. Its strange that we haven’t heard much from this organization since Obama’s entrance into this race. This organization endorsed Obama. The Hillary supporters at the caucus sites can site example of how this group intimidated Hillary supporters to vote for Obama or leave the caucus site.

So now the American taxpayer should be asked to pick up the payoff for this crime. No it’s time to tell your congress member to stop the pork and solve this problem.