I like this article about Sarah Palin and I agree with the entire article. I am a Pittsburgh girl. Pittsburgh is a city full of friendly down to earth people who like good common sense. We are a group of people who may disagree but we’re pretty friendly and under control. We are the blue collar workers and now in Pittsburgh we have a huge Health care Industry here so now we are also Health Care workers.

The article also mentions how the very people who should be celebrating her because she is a woman are silent. The Women’s groups like NOW endorsing Obama is an insult to this woman. They can still endorse Obama but how about we defend Sarah against the sexism in the media and in the Obama campaign. They were silent and useless in the Primary also.

She is a Conservative and that means that she left her gender at the door. She is a feminist and proud of being a female and should be celebrated.

Women’s groups have failed Hillary and they are not even trying to with Sarah. It’s time to stop this. We are all women.

This Pittsburgh girl is proud of Sarah Palin and will support her. However, I will not promise to vote for her in 2012 against Hillary. That doesn’t mean I will not be proud of her.