This is a little piece of advice to my Republican blogger friends. Welcome to my class it’s entitled “Battling team Obama 101” Are you ready?

First of all Obama is a mentally ill man who is full of rage against the World in my opinion he has real issues and you can tell that by the way he acts like a two year old.  Obama thinks the World owes him the world simply because he had a tough childhood. I think I can pretty much beat him on the rough childhood thing and I am not a loony woman.

He does not like for people to disagree with them he will call you racist if your Democrat and if your Republican he will say you are swift boating him. He will use his little terrorists to terrorize you. He will encourage them to cross the boundary lines and get into your face. This is the kind of man the Democrats stole this election for.

Finally the Obots and the brand new truth squad will have you arrested if you make an ad opposing Obama. He thinks he is the absolute ruler of this Country but he isn’t. We need to show him the way back to Chicago.