I am a lifelong Democrat and never have I been afraid of women losing basic rights under a Republican President. Roe vs Wade yes at one time but our basic rights I was never afraid of that. Now I am terrified that the Democratic Nominiee has no respect for women and in fact thinks of them as “bi^^hes and Pigs. He played “I got 99 Problems and the b^^ch ain’t one” after the Iowa Caucus which he of course stole.  He also called Sarah Palin a pig. He is not someone I am ready to trust with my constitutional rights as an American I certainly don’t trust him with rights as opposed to my gender.

Now he is looking for Actresses to play the Rape/Incest survivor to call attention to the fact that McCain/Palin is pro life. The truth is that McCain believes in abortion in the case of rape and incest. This ad is offensive.

I am a survivor of childhood rape and I will never get over those feelings all the way. I have become a survivor but I still have sleepless nights. This is something women never get over. He is disgusting for turning such a crime into Politics. Shame on you Barack Obama.