October 2008


Jack Murtha is finding out something he should have known. Most people do not like to be called racist and rednecks.   He is upset and trying to say he is being swift boated.  He is not being swift boated. He tried to help Obama and Obama’s overplaying the race card has bitten Jack Murtha in the ass.

I like Jack Murtha and although this year I am mad at the Donkeys I am also from Western PA.  Are there racist here?  Of course but there are racists everywhere.  I am sick of liberals calling everyone racists and assuming that they “understand” what it is like to be African American but they can’t.   I have found Liberals who think that African Americans are great but they do not want them living in their neighborhoods no matter who they vote for President they are still racist.

Murtha was wrong and it will cost him his seat or at least scare him into remembering who votes for him its the people of his district which is not just his hometown of Johnstown but also includes Washington County whose residents are not as familiar with Murtha as those in his hometown. They also haven’t been the beneficiary of as much pork as Johnstown.



There is an audio tape that has Obama talking about redistribution of Wealth as an equal playing field.  He also said the Warren Court was radical but not radical enough as far as economic justice.

He says that the survival of African Americans were his salvation.  This tape is very scary and proof that when Obama told Joe the plumber that he wanted to redistribute the wealth that it was more then a gaffe but the way he really feels. Is that the change for America that Obama is trying to force down our throats. Is that why he doesn’t win elections rather he steals them or cheats to win because he thinks elections should never happen. Perhaps he wants to be President for life.

Obama is a Socialist who wants to turn our Democracy into a Socialist Country.  We Americans must work together to make sure that this Democracy remains a Democracy and not a Socialist Country.

On November 4, 2008 do you want to elect a Socialist who wants to redistribute wealth and make everyone poor?  Do you want America to change that radically.


The Los Angeles Times are hiding incriminating evidence of a party that Obama, Ayers, and Dohrn attended with Khalidi.

Khalidi told a group of Palestinians that they should work hard to elect Obama as their US Senator in 2003.  The LA times refuse to release this tape because they are in the tank for Obama and trying to steal this election.

http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na-obamamideast10apr10,0,1780231,full.story  This is the article dated April 10, 2008 so the Los Angeles Times is partially responsible for stealing the Primary from Hillary.  I don’t know why anyone reads this trash.

Obama told the Palestinians that he remembers all the times he spent with the radical Palestinian who is a staunch critic of Isreal.


Congressman Jack Murtha is now tied with his Republican opponent who is a veteran from Iraq.  The two remarks about his constituents being racist or rednecks did not help the 18 term Congressman.

Obama’s internal polls which were leaked say that Obama is only two points ahead of McCain in the keystone state.  McCain’s internal polls must be showing him the same thing since he has not pulled out of this state and has been here far more then the Democratic Candidate for President.

This state that went for John Kerry has a good shot of turning red this year and Congressman Murtha’s remarks are not going to help neither will Obama’s comments about redistributing the wealth.  This state could go red for the first time in 20 years.


Jack Murtha has opened his mouth again. He has now called the Mon valley in Western PA a bunch of rednecks.  I live in the Mon Valley and are there racists here of course they are everywhere.  Are all the people that live here racist? No and to call the entire area racist after Obama called the entire area racist in April.  I believe the people in this whole region is going to remember that we keep being called Racist or Red necks.  We are going to remember not only the bitter and clinging remark but also the fact that the Obama campaign called the entire state “Racist” in April.

We are really getting tired of being hit with the Racism charge. We are sick of the Politicians insulting us.  The Mon Valley was hit hard by the 80s loss of the steel mills.  We are hard working people who are more Urban then we are rednecks.  So where Jack do the rednecks live?  Do they live in Braddock, North Braddock, Rankin, Duquesne, McKeesport, Homestead, or Munhall?  You just called the African American folks who live in the Mon valley rednecks. I am one of those folks.  I live in North Braddock and I have no intention of voting for Obama. I guess I am a redneck.

Keep opening up your trap Jack your not only going to cost him PA your going to cost yourself your House seat. The race card can either be retired now or retired on November 4, 2008.  Jack has been in the House way to long time to let the Republicans have that seat.

As we come to the end of this election what is it that I look forward to no more Obots in my life.  No more Obots to make rude comments on my blog and then scream bloody murder when you don’t publish them.  I look forward to no more people calling me names or terriorizing me.  I look forward to not having to worry about my life.  I am looking forward to  getting my life back. 

I believe that we need to seriously consider changing the voting age to 21 years old and before this year I would not have said that but now I see why we should change it.  Those young people supporting Obama are terrible. They call women horrible names and threaten them.  They say they are not sexist but call women names they wouldn’t call their mothers, sisters, and would not like anyone calling their daughters. 

I look forward to the phone calls stopping once he wins or loses it will be over and those people who feel the desire to make death threats will be finished.  I look forward to the day when I no longer wonder if this is the day some cult follower decides to kill me.

I look forward to the day when I no longer have to reassure people that no if Obama loses black folks won’t riot no matter what the racist Obots say.  Yes Al Sharpton and Donna Brizille are racist for saying that.  I find that offensive that they would imply that all black people are violent.

I look forward to the day when I am not so angry. I am angry over the way the sexist pig Obama and his campaign treated Hillary.  I am angry over the sexism directed to Governor Palin and as a Governor she actually has more experience then Obama.  I look forward to the day that I can relax and actually sleep. The thought of that socialist taking over this Country is what keeps me awake at night.  I look forward to the day I can just sleep all night long.

I have all the faith in the world that Obama will lose to McCain. He is losing PA and I don’t care about no stupid polls.  I am making calls in this state I know that this County should mostly be for Obama but no most of them are for McCain.  I know this state anyway he is not going to win here.

I do not think I will ever trust the youth in this Country anymore.  I really am starting to think they should reinstate  the draft.  The young people today are all mean and have no disapline.  They do not belong in college they belong in the Military.  I think it is time for all young people to be drafted into the military for two years.


This poor man went out for a jog he noticed that his lexus was vandalised with about $25,000 worth of damage.  Someone had keyed KKK into his car.  They burned an American flag on it and put ciggerettes out on it.  They even uriniated on his car.  This is sick.  It seems they were set off by the McCain/Palin stickers on it.

What would possess someone to do this?  I worry about America when this sort of behavior leads to this.  I have had property damage and receive death threats all the time over the phone.  This has been going on since March.  I do not like half of my own party anymore due to the behavior of the obots. 

I cannot wait until this election is over. Then I can go back to my old life and try to forget this horrible year.  I wonder if it wasn’t for the Obots would I vote for Obama?  The answer would possibly be yes.

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