This is a good article on ACORN and Obama and how the financial mess has happened. Most of the problems were caused by sup prime loans to people who could not afford the mortgages they were given which caused people  to be foreclosed on. This was a disaster because the banks felt the need to give loans to people who could not afford them.

ACORN brags about forcing banks kicking and screaming into making loans to people who couldn’t afford them.

I am a poor person who has a mortgage. I do not live in a million dollar home and I can afford the mortgage because I got one I can afford. The taxes are included in the Mortgage so that I live in a large 9 room house and my mortgage is $360 a month. That is way cheaper then the rent I would be paying for a house the same size and it is mine.

Poor people need to live within their means just like rich people. I do not understand why anyone would give a mortgage to someone who cannot afford a mortgage. There are plenty of homes in the poorer areas that would be much cheaper but I guess ACORN would prefer these people purchase homes they cannot afford live in Areas they can’t afford to live in.

I live in the hood but so what? I can at least live a half decent life. I am not deeply in debt and I can afford my home.  ACORN which started out as Public Housing tenants haven’t done anything for them. The people of my community got decent housing and The Housing Authority which was forced to clean up the projects got a nice community in wonderful shape. Give the poor people a decent place to live and watch them keep them clean and care about their community. I lived in Hawkins Village a housing Projects that had been remodeled in 1996 and in 2008 they look better then they did when they were remodeled. There is a real partnership between Management and tenants. That has worked for every one’s advantage.  See poor people aren’t afraid of responsibility. They need a hand not a hand out.