This article is about how the DNC and the Obama campaign is trying to dismiss a lawsuit instead of just producing the COLB. I mean the only qualification is that someone be born here and be free from any loyality to any other country. So what is the big problem with proving that you are who you say you are.  I mean we Hillary supporters would have been robbed out of someone who actually is qualified to be President instead of one who may have duel loyalities.

What do we know? We know Obama says he was born in Hawii in 1961 but where was he born. There is no mention of a hospital and there is no evidence that the birth was witnessed by anyone.  Lets say that he really was born in Hawii. He would have lost that citizenship when he was 2 years old and adopted by Lolo Suerto and would have become a citizen of Indonsia.

He would have legally been able to reclaim his American citizenship at the age of 18 by swearing an oath of alligence and giving up his Indonsian citizenship. He would not been able to claim to be an American and then travel to Pakistan in 1981. In 1981 Americans were not allowed to travel to that country with an US passport. So how did Senator Obama travel to Pakistan.  Well Senator Obama also had a citizenship to Kenya and could have traveled on that passport only we know that Senator Obama never accepted his Kenyan citizenship and therefore never had an Kenyan passport.  That leaves us with Indonsia. That means that either Obama never swore alligence to the United States and give up citizenship to Indonsia. That would mean that not only is Obama not only ineliegible for POTUS but he may not even be an legal citizen.

This can be proven easily by releasing a real birth certifiticate to the court.