Barry Suertto/Barack Huiessen Obama released a statement on the fight the smears website that is set up to spread his propangda or his version of the truth commenly known as lies.

He said he is not connected to ACORN even though he was the director of get out Project Vote which is credited with getting Carol Mosley Braun elected.  They didn’t do such a great job getting her reelected.  So Senator Liar how and the hell do you work for someone yet have no connection to that organization.

This organization which is pretty foul and useless to the people in the ghetto. They endorsed him in February of 2008. Come on he was their director and then he is endorsed by them yet he has no connections.

The Obama Campaign paid over 80,000 to ACORN for get out the vote work and misrepresented the amount to the FEC. Misrepresented is another word for lying, dishonesty, fraud, and telling a whopper.

Obama made sure that the Socialists that took over the Democratic Party added ACORN to the 700 billion dollar bailout plan but the Republicans and the PUMAs made sure that nonsense was taking out with the help of the House Republicans.

So who do you believe? Obama or your own eyes?