There is a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women. The women who support Obama regardless of race are women who have no self respect. They have no pride and prefer to follow behind a man who treats them like garbage. Obama is such a sexist we need to began to demand his resignation. We need to make sure he never serves the public again. This man is a big idiot who cannot even hide his sexism until after the election.

It is time that women who make sexist remarks like the traitor b**tches that support Obama be taught a lesson.  They deserve no respect rather or not they are in NOW. I will never donate money to this organization that doesn’t support women. It’s time these organizations either support women in both parties are disappear because they do not represent women.  The LA chapter of NOW is the only one worth money because they endorsed Sarah Palin.

To the Jennifer Ho because all women who support Obama are “hoes” that deserve no respect.  All women who support Obama are brainless hoes that need to be guided by a man including the hoes at NOW.   It is them that are the fluffy bunny. The Pigs should be embarrassed.