The Republicans need to attack Obama on Ayers and Wright as well as others. Sarah Baracoda is doing a great job reminding people of Obama’s bad association.  Someone needs to step up the attacks on Obama because this man is dirty as can be.

Sarah Baracoda Palin reminded the media and the public of Reverend Wright’s statements about 9/11. Obama is friends with a terrorist and racist pastor for 20 years. The man has a relationship with a Kenyan dictator. He is in favor of Sharia law in Kenya and will more likely then not want that here. It would be Patrotic to see McCain use this and other stuff against this man.

Obama is not only anti American he is a Muslim extremist who has decided to take over America from within. We have to stop him. McCain needs to really let him have it over everything and if Sarah has to do it well so be it.