The truth about Barack Obama is hitting the fan. In 1995 Obama was endorsed for his Senate Seat by the New Party a group of Socialists that want to take over America by taking over the Democratic Party and turning it over to the Socialists. He was a member of this group since 1992 and the scrutiny they put him under before they endorsed him means he is a serious Socialist.

All during the Primaries the right wing of the Democratic party and Hillary supporters were complaining about the way they were being treated by their own party. We were told to stay home or vote McCain. We were told the New Democratic Party was young, Urban, and rich. We were told we were bitter old women or bitter people from PA clinging to our guns and bibles.

This is the kind of Country that Obama wants us to live in. Hillary tried to tell everyone but no one listened to her. I just hope that someday those that support him or plan to vote against McCain because he is not Conservative enough. He at least wants America to remain a Democracy.