This is a great article about Obama and black theology that he and Michelle listened to for 20 years.  A lot of white people have this feeling that Michelle doesn’t like them.  They can feel that she hates them. It is because she does hate whites. I know a lot of Michelle’s. They hate Whites and blame whites for all of black people’s problems. They blame everything on racism.

Most of these folks are black middle and upper class who interact daily with whites. They smile and pretend to like these people but when they are alone with just African Americans they tell us how they really feel.

Most of your poor people in the ghetto no matter what the race is do not interact daily with “Whites” and are less likely to have a hatred against the whole group of people. They also see poor whites on a daily basis and do not see a difference in the way these Whites live then how they themselves live. Whites and Blacks in these neighborhoods relay on each other.

Obama can be dangerous for America because he wants to introduce socialism to this Country. He wants to over tax the middle class and wealthy and give the money to the poor. He wants to get rid of Welfare reform which as a poor woman I find offensive.  He believes in putting people in jail for having the nerve to disagree with him.

This man has more radical friends then he has any other type of friends. He doesn’t have any friends that do not have this radicalism.