This first article shows how sexist the Obama supporters are. They booed her and she said she is getting used to her. She waved to people who were protesting her. They gave her an obscene gesture and some one suggested that they stone her old school.  Why do the Obama supporters hate women and why do women help these men by participating in this sort of behavior.

This also happened on Saturday when four male and one female Obama supporter showed up at a Sarah Palin event with tee shirts that said Sarah Palin is a C**t.  This is disgusting.  This woman is a volunteer with the Obama campaign. She has no self respect for participating in this disgusting attack on another woman.

This kind of stuff is going to hurt Obama on November 4th. Women are going to be angry if this kind of stuff doesn’t stop.  I think women should now teach Obama what that is like perhaps we should protest him wearing those shirts with Michelle’s name on that. Would that make him stop how about if we were to wear shirts with Sasha and Meletta’s names on it. Would that wake his sexist butt up?  He does not seem to have respect for White Women He has issues with them.

Americans must wake up and McCain must be willing to pull out all the stops and release an October surprise. Women will wake up on November 5th and realise they have no more rights.  If Obama is going to win then we have to elect a Republican Congress both houses.