I have been a lifelong Democrat for 26 years even though they have only given me one winner in all those years. I have decided that the Democratic Party has become so horrible that I have no intention of remaining in this vote stealing party.

My only reason for remaining a Democrat is because of Hillary Clinton but since she said she will not run again even though I do not believe her.  I will not vote for this party anymore. I may vote for Hillary if she doesn’t stop being a punk and run again in 2012.  I admire her but if she is going to be a woosh then she is not the woman I thought she was.  She has to decide if America is worth fighting for.  Now if Obama wins which I doubt her career is over anyway which of course I will hold the Democrats personally responsible for and of course they will never get my vote again.  If he loses and they make it difficult for her I will vote against them.  I will vote against them permanently. They are racist and sexist anyway. 

Obama is a pig and I believe the Democrats should all be arrested and thrown in Prison because they tried to elect a terrorist as President knowing that he hates America.  The Democrats hate America.  I will never belong to this party again. So Long Sexist racist Democrats.  I will be a proud Republican.  Hillary I hope you run again but if you don’t then Sarah will be the first female President.  I hope you have the guts but if you don’t and you truly are a punk then you do not deserve my respect anymore anyway.  Stop being a punk and throw your hat in the ring.

Regardless Democrats I am not only going to vote against you I may actually run for office.  The Republicans will not tell me to stay home.