Senator John McCain took the gloves off and smacked Obama upside his big head during the third and final debate. He told Obama ” I am not George W. Bush and if you wanted to run against him you should have run four years ago.”  I am so glad he said this. This is one of the things that the Liberal Democrats say about McCain that he is another George W. Bush and that Obama is another Hillary Clinton. They think the voters are stupid. McCain is not George W. Bush and Barack Obama is no Hillary Clinton.

He also hit Obama on what he told Joe the plumber about spreading the wealth around or wealth distribution.  He hit him on ACORN, Ayers, and the tee shirts that called Sarah Palin a c**t that Obama never apologised for nor did he repudiate his supporters who showed up wearing such offensive shirts.  These people actually wrote one of my blogs to tell me the tee shirts were a joke. I didn’t find it funny.

McCain did very well against Obama and had him stammering and it must have ticked him off because he and Michelle ran like little punks instead of working the rope lines.

McCain also brought up John Lewis’s remarks about McCain being like George Wallace. He basically said he was a racist. This is not true and no one seems to care that McCain adopted a little girl of color and yes he does have an interest in the African American community because I do not care where the little girl actually comes from in this Country she will be seen as African American.  Obama never repudiated John Lewis’s remarks and stammered his way out of answering the question.

McCain hit it out of the ball park.