The McCain campaign headquarters in Port Vue a borough of Pittsburgh was vandalised.  A big screen TV was damaged but nothing was stolen. It’s just the Obots acting foolish again.

This is a disgrace and leads me to believe the Republicans that Democrats have done this to them before.  What is wrong with the Democratic Party that I loved and worked for all these years.  They do nothing to stop this kind of foolishness.  I did not like Ronald Reagan but would never damage one of his supporters property and I was young and foolish the first time I could cast a vote.  I just voted against him.  That is what you should do if you dislike someone vote against him don’t threaten him or his supporters.

This kind of thing needs to stop but the Obama campaign does nothing to control his supporters.  What would make these people act like this. John McCain is not a bad man and he spent most of his life in service to his Country he did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.