John McCain had to actually defend Joe the plumber. Now who is the nitwit responsible for ruining this poor man’s life all he did was ask a difficult question to the one and of course he gave the WRONG answer and now this man is being smeared and has the press sitting outside his house. 

What is going on with the media and the gotcha mentality. Why did they start smearing a voter for asking Obama a difficult question?  This is all very crazy because I bet you Joe the plumber will not be voting for Barack Obama for the same reason I am not voting for him. I am tired of the insults and the smears on Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Why are the Democrats insulting the voters?  I mean do they really expect to guilt trip people into voting for him. It is not going to work and they are scared. 

Obama is not going to lose this election on race or I would be voting for him. He is going to lose this election because he insults people who try to ask him questions. He doesn’t like to be questioned sounds just like George Bush to me. He is violating people’s rights to free speech he and the media are trying to manipulate this race by repeatingly playing the race card. This is a bad move and going to cost him in November.

Another reason for no Obama is he is a sexist. I am not voting for a man and most women will not vote for any man that not only doesn’t think a woman is qualified to be POTUS nor VP but she doesn’t even deserve the same wage as her male counterparts.  He votes for the bill but doesn’t pay his women equal to his males.  McCain votes against the pork barrel in the bill and is smeared as saying McCain is against the bill.  He pays his women more then he pays his men and he has more senior adviser’s who are women.  He has some odd notion that women should only have abortions if she has some man’s permission. I prefer pro life to that one.  He believes a baby born alive should be allowed to die.  He actually voted for something this inhumane.  He believes in Sex selection being a good reason for an abortion.  This man is a total joke on Women’s rights.  McCain put Sarah on the ticket.

He’s going to lose this election because Obama ticked off White folks and women and that is not a good idea they are two majorities in this Country.