Greta got an email from Carl who says that he and his wife got an email that said that they were charged $2300 from the Obama for America headquarters. The couple said they would never donate $2300 to any politician.  So how did this couple get charged $2300. Can we said Credit Card fraud?  How come the only campaign that seems to keep having problems with this sort of thing is the Obama campaign.

I know Obots think that Obama is Jesus and able to turn water into wine and walk on water but for those of us with brains know that someone is ripping off thousands of people.  This is the only campaign that can not only win the voting block of the deceased but also get this group to open up their wallets?  If the Deceased is a little tired of supporting this man they just plan to steal from the living.

Now we know how Obama and the rest of the Socialists in the Democratic party.  Some people mainly Obots  want to be told what to do or what to think since they have no brain power to think for themselves so perhaps they prefer a Socialist government but those of us who can think for ourselves prefer another form of government called an Democracy. 

So is this the change Obama wants. He wants to steal you blind before he gets in and if he wins he plans to make sure you never see a dime of anything you made.  It’s like he told Joe the Plumber that government is better at deciding on how you spend your money and where you spend it.