Barack Obama wants to investigate people who want to report voter fraud. He wants to steal this election like he stole the Primary.  I am starting to believe that it is time we take our story to the Republicans along with any evidence that we collect or have collected.  I believe Hillary was trying to tell us something with her Convention speech.  I believe that she wants us to keep fighting for freedom.  Perhaps this is the reason she wants us to keep going in our fight for freedom.

It is time that we stop Obama. The Obots are back to attacking Pro Hillary/Anti Obama blogs big time.  They still haven’t learned manners. That is telling me they are worried.  They think he is God because he is going to destroy America and turn us into a Socialist Country.  The Hillary Democrats know that the Socialists have taken over our party. Now everyone should know.  We have to share our stories with the Republicans if we want freedom.