This poor man went out for a jog he noticed that his lexus was vandalised with about $25,000 worth of damage.  Someone had keyed KKK into his car.  They burned an American flag on it and put ciggerettes out on it.  They even uriniated on his car.  This is sick.  It seems they were set off by the McCain/Palin stickers on it.

What would possess someone to do this?  I worry about America when this sort of behavior leads to this.  I have had property damage and receive death threats all the time over the phone.  This has been going on since March.  I do not like half of my own party anymore due to the behavior of the obots. 

I cannot wait until this election is over. Then I can go back to my old life and try to forget this horrible year.  I wonder if it wasn’t for the Obots would I vote for Obama?  The answer would possibly be yes.