There is an audio tape that has Obama talking about redistribution of Wealth as an equal playing field.  He also said the Warren Court was radical but not radical enough as far as economic justice.

He says that the survival of African Americans were his salvation.  This tape is very scary and proof that when Obama told Joe the plumber that he wanted to redistribute the wealth that it was more then a gaffe but the way he really feels. Is that the change for America that Obama is trying to force down our throats. Is that why he doesn’t win elections rather he steals them or cheats to win because he thinks elections should never happen. Perhaps he wants to be President for life.

Obama is a Socialist who wants to turn our Democracy into a Socialist Country.  We Americans must work together to make sure that this Democracy remains a Democracy and not a Socialist Country.

On November 4, 2008 do you want to elect a Socialist who wants to redistribute wealth and make everyone poor?  Do you want America to change that radically.