Jack Murtha is finding out something he should have known. Most people do not like to be called racist and rednecks.   He is upset and trying to say he is being swift boated.  He is not being swift boated. He tried to help Obama and Obama’s overplaying the race card has bitten Jack Murtha in the ass.

I like Jack Murtha and although this year I am mad at the Donkeys I am also from Western PA.  Are there racist here?  Of course but there are racists everywhere.  I am sick of liberals calling everyone racists and assuming that they “understand” what it is like to be African American but they can’t.   I have found Liberals who think that African Americans are great but they do not want them living in their neighborhoods no matter who they vote for President they are still racist.

Murtha was wrong and it will cost him his seat or at least scare him into remembering who votes for him its the people of his district which is not just his hometown of Johnstown but also includes Washington County whose residents are not as familiar with Murtha as those in his hometown. They also haven’t been the beneficiary of as much pork as Johnstown.