There are signs pointing to a McCain win even though the polls are pointing to Obama as being the front runner McCain has narrowed Obama’s lead and is more likely going to win PA and VA despite the polls showing Obama with a slight lead. I doubt those polls because I live in PA and I also work his phone banks as well as speaking to people who live here in this state. I don’t see how Obama can possibly win here.

One reason for Obama having the problems he is having is because of the PUMA effect.  Obama made a lot of Hillary supporters angry because he first was very disrespectful and sexist to her during the Primaries and second he failed to vet her for VP which ticked off her supporters.  He continues to use sexism against Sarah Palin which is reminding women who may have decided to back him. 

It is time for the roar of the PUMA to be heard this election year. It is time we teach the DNC and Obama a lesson.