The rumors are heating up that Hillary may be Barack Obama’s choice for Secretary of State.  I will say this that Barack Obama OWES her this he would not have won without the help of Bill and Hillary. He ought to be a man of honor and repay them for all of their hard work.

I do not support Barack Obama because he won the White House I am still against his plans and to disagree with the President is actually the American Way.  I doubt I will ever support Barack Obama.

I, however, do support Hillary. I don’t have feelings about SOS one way or the other. If she accepts the position it is because she wants it and this blogger will do what ever it took to get her confirmed.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton met in Chigaco on Friday according to Obama advisers.  He was supposedly respectful well lets hope he has better sense not to be respectful.  There may be more talks on this later between the two.

This doesn’t change my mind rather one bit about Barack I believe he is a dirt bag. I believe he has no honor nor do I believe for one moment that he respects women.  He owes her this and I only hope he does right by her. I wouldn’t want to tick off her supporters, her husband, or even Hillary Clinton herself.