Chris Matthews the fat, big headed, spitting, can’t get a woman so he gets thrills up his leg for Obama.  He has decided to trash Hillary Clinton.  He actually thinks the Clinton’s are gone.

He said she is full of drama and he said other sexist things about her and he dissed Bill.  Chris Matthews needs to lose his job because he is not a real journalist.  He is also the biggest idiot on TV. His show is in the toilet and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

He wants to run for office from my state. There are a lot of loyal Clinton supporters in this state.  I would say that PA is not Obama country.  I would say Obama won the state only because of the Clinton’s.   We Hillary supporters will remember every horrible word out of Tweety’s mouth.  The man is a total dirtball.   Obama fails then Chris Matthews will have no chance to defeat Spector.  It will be tough for him against Spector no matter how Obama does but if Obama fails or has low  favorables in a year then Matthews would be wise to remain on his stupid news shows.