The year of 2008 is going to go down as the year when the Democratic Party and the Main Stream Media used sexism to take down two women.

I watched in horror as my party the Democrats used sexism first against Hillary Clinton, a woman in their own party. Then they used a more virulent strain against Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.  I watched in horror as Obama supporters wore “Sarah is a cunt” shirts. That is a horrible word and yet these supporters who did include a back stabbing woman.

I have watched as the Democratic Party tried to pit Hillary Clinton against Sarah Palin in a cat fight thank goodness both of these women were smart enough not to get involved with this plan and both women gave the other support.

This article was written before several Republicans attempted to blame Sarah Palin for losing the election.  I wish McCain would have come out as strong for Sarah as he did for Hillary Clinton.

I am appalled at all the sexism that I have seen this year. I never knew how strong it was. I am a title nine woman who had every opportunity in high school.  I also work in a female dominated field so I have been somewhat protected against sexism.  I am awake now and for this woman I will never go to sleep again.