Chris Matthews the host of MSNBC’s hardball has been an sexist for years. It is time for women to weed out the massive amount of sexists both males and females in the media.

The election of 2008 proved one thing to me and that is that sexism is alive and well in the media. Chris Matthews, Keith Oblemann, Andera Mitchell,  Katie Curic, and Maureen Dawd are among the worst offenders.  They are all guilty of sexism used against both Hillary and Sarah Palin and should lose their jobs because of this reason.

I believe that every woman who takes part in the sexism of both Hillary and Sarah should be among the first to go.  I really don’t care if they try to use the excuse that they would lose their jobs if they didn’t take part. I have no sympathy for them.  They need to get some backbone and if they cannot get some backbone perhaps living in poverty will remind these backstabbing women that women need to stop backstabbing other women for the good of all women.  The race of the offending women do not matter to me if they are sexist then they need to be fired.  That would add Donna Brizille from CNN who was extremely sexist to both Hillary and Sarah.  Donna continues in this attack so she can get a few crumbs from the white man’s table.  She is a traitor who owes her own career to the woman she just betrayed.

Chris Matthews needs to be fired because he is by far the worst. He has been using sexism against Senator Clinton for years and this year he has reached an all time low in regards to women.

It is time that women did to the media and men the same thing that African Americans do and that is have anyone fired for using racism.  Chris Matthews  said a whole lot worse then Imus said when he called those Basketball players “nappy headed hos.”  Chris referred to Hillary Clinton and her supporters as white bitches. He also implied that Hillary only got her Senate seat because of Bill cheating on Hillary.

Keith Oblemann also used sexism and continues to do so.  He needs to also lose his job.  He has also referred to Hillary and her supporters as white bitches.  The media seems to feel that it is OK to insult a woman as long as she is white.  This is obscene and this attitude must stop.

Women we will never get anywhere unless we stand up together and stop the media as well as both Political parties to stop using sexism.  The time is now to fight back.  Women stop stabbing each other in the back.

I suggest that we began a letter writing campaign as well as Demonstrations at the headquarters of the offending media outlets and call these people just what they are–sexist pigs.  Women a lot of you are guilty of electing the biggest sexist pig in history and for that you need to ask yourselves why did you do that.  All of you seen how he treated Hillary and Sarah and yet you voted for him anyway.  Show me that you have some pride and participate in protecting women’s rights.  You owe it to your sisters as well as to yourselves.