December 2008

Freethinker one of my favorite writers on writes about how difficult it is going to be trying to break the two hardest highest ceilings in America. Men like James Carville who dismiss demands for Obama to fire his speech writer for groping a cardboard cut out of Hillary Clinton.  This little peon of a speechwriter felt the desire to belittle a former First Lady, an United States Senator and an appointee for Secretary of State.   We are told to worry about Domestic violence and not worry about this story because after all it was only cardboard.  He doesn’t get it anymore then the MSM gets this. 

Had this same speechwriter had photographed himself with a noose  around a card board cutout of Obama the NAACP would have demanded he be fired.  Yet a grope is just a grope but it isn’t so simple when you add in sexual harassment,   Rape, and sexual abuse are connected with this sort of behavior.   It demeans women and send3s a message to males that it is OK to demean women because after all boys will be boys.  This is the behavior that must be changed woman are simply bodies for males to use for their enjoyment.

This immature idiot needs to lose his job.


The  Governor of Illinois Todd Blagojevich was arrested on Tuesday morning on charges of corruption.  He is being accused of attempting to sell  the appointment to replace Barack Obama who became the President elect on election day.

President elect Obama denied contacting the Governor in regards to his appointment but this has been proven incorrectas during an interview with the Press.  David Axlerod has stated that the President elect and the Governor have indeed spoken.

Several people including Jesse Jackson Jr reportly wanted that seat and offered money in exchange.

This was all caught on wire because apparently the Governor is not the brightest bulb in the carton as he knew he was under investigation yet he spoke on the phone without worry.  Why would a Governor who takes a vow to defend the laws of the state.  why would he break the laws of the Country.  I hope he is not waiting for a pardon because that isn’t going to happen.

Barack’s statement was not strong enough in my opinion because he didn’t call on the Governor to resign. 

Is Chris Matthews being biased in favor of Obama with MSNBCs permission?  This very sexist man has not only said that it is his duty to make sure that Obama’s Presidency is a sucess.  Does this mean that Chris Matthews will continue the bias he showed during the election?  What is he planning to do cover up Obama’s scandals like he did during the election.

Not only is he planning on being a media talking head of the Obama Adminstration he is also planning a run for the United States Senate from my state.  This is in my opinion horrible. He is unable to be fair to the Republicans whos voice he will silence.  What kind of country has America become or at least the media?  Does this man think he can win his seat? Not if we can help it. He will lose just like the others who challanged Arlen Spector. 

Which brings me to ethics. Is this even ethicial? Here is the ethics for journalism

President Elect Barack Obama appointed Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State.  I wonder if the Obots at DU have any heads left after they exploded at the news that he appointed not only a woman but an Hawk.  They are not happy with any of his picks as it seems that the President Elect has selected a majority of his Cabinet from the Clinton Administration.  I love his picks personally because I am a Conservative Democrat.

I hope President Elect Obama listens to Hillary because this Country has to many problems for the people in charge to be Peace and Love Liberal Doves.  I believe he will listen to her. 

I am still not a believer in President Obama and I disagree with his Domestic issues but I do feel safer with Hillary at the helm at State.