Is Chris Matthews being biased in favor of Obama with MSNBCs permission?  This very sexist man has not only said that it is his duty to make sure that Obama’s Presidency is a sucess.  Does this mean that Chris Matthews will continue the bias he showed during the election?  What is he planning to do cover up Obama’s scandals like he did during the election.

Not only is he planning on being a media talking head of the Obama Adminstration he is also planning a run for the United States Senate from my state.  This is in my opinion horrible. He is unable to be fair to the Republicans whos voice he will silence.  What kind of country has America become or at least the media?  Does this man think he can win his seat? Not if we can help it. He will lose just like the others who challanged Arlen Spector. 

Which brings me to ethics. Is this even ethicial? Here is the ethics for journalism