Freethinker one of my favorite writers on writes about how difficult it is going to be trying to break the two hardest highest ceilings in America. Men like James Carville who dismiss demands for Obama to fire his speech writer for groping a cardboard cut out of Hillary Clinton.  This little peon of a speechwriter felt the desire to belittle a former First Lady, an United States Senator and an appointee for Secretary of State.   We are told to worry about Domestic violence and not worry about this story because after all it was only cardboard.  He doesn’t get it anymore then the MSM gets this. 

Had this same speechwriter had photographed himself with a noose  around a card board cutout of Obama the NAACP would have demanded he be fired.  Yet a grope is just a grope but it isn’t so simple when you add in sexual harassment,   Rape, and sexual abuse are connected with this sort of behavior.   It demeans women and send3s a message to males that it is OK to demean women because after all boys will be boys.  This is the behavior that must be changed woman are simply bodies for males to use for their enjoyment.

This immature idiot needs to lose his job.