January 2009


Senator Barbara Boxer from CA asked Hillary Clinton at her confirmation hearing if she would make girls and women an important part of her work as Secretary of state.    Senator Boxer then held up a photo of a little girl burned by acid in Afghanistan for attending school.  She  then held up a picture of another young girl who had her eye gouged out by her brothel owner in Asia. 

Millions of girls are being denied education right out or they are being terrorized because they refuse to stop attending schools.  Millions of girls and women are being sold as sex slaves in brothels all over the world.  These women are being killed or maimed by their owners even though they may be as young as 8 years old.

Senator Clinton has promised to make women/girls issues an important part of her state department.

Senator Clinton at confirmation hearing.

Senator Clinton at confirmation hearing.


President elect Barack Obama has decided to ignore the violence in the Gaza  Strip.  I know the Press feels that Hillary should comment but the truth is he is the President elect and his full of crap statement about there being only one President at a time denies the fact that he wanted to move into Blair House  early.  He is full of crap.

He hasn’t made a statement because the man has no clue as to what to say.  Sometimes America it isn’t good to have change. We need experience but we were denied that by this fraud in the empty suit.

I wonder if he is waiting  for Hillary’s confirmation hearings to find out what the real answer should be.  So the US was denied a qualified woman because an unqualified man was pushed ahead of a qualified woman.  Well American sexists of both genders I hope you are happy because he is failing and he hasn’t even gotten in yet.


The Senate Majority leader and most of the Senate Democrats have proven to be racist.  They refuse to allow the man chosen by the Governor of that state.   Harry Reid talked to the Governor telling him he did not want any African Americans chosen because they would not be able to win reelection.  This is code for “We nominated the first black President what the hell do they want black Senators for?   These Negros are getting so uppity. 

Yes Harry Reid you racist redneck we want black Senators and black Governors too.   African Americans were being denied that seat because Harry Reid is a racist redneck who with the rest of the Democratic Party wants a lily white Senate.   He and the rest of the Senate Democrats need to seat this man.



Bill and Hillary Clinton braved the freezing cold temps to help Mayor Bloomberg to drop the ball at midnight to usher in the New Year.  I am proud of the next Secretary of State. I just hope Obama doesn’t screw things up to bad.

Bill and Hillary bring in 2009

Bill and Hillary bring in 2009

Bill and Hillary Clinton celebrated New Year’s eve together at Times square. They helped the Mayor of New York drop the crystal ball on Times Square at midnight.
The former first couple then danced.