Yesterday the weather was pretty warm and it was dry so a lot of kids were outside. Suddenly, a sure sign that Spring is here. There was a fist fight. All the kids ran to the fight both males and females. I knew before I knew anything about the drama that led to the fight. I knew two things that the combatants were FEMALE and it had some connection to foolishness either boys or perceived disrespect.
I thought about the Election cycle of 2008 and how the media and the Obama campaign tired to start fights between women. Sometimes unfortunately, women fell for this tactic and because of that women haven’t advanced.
I noticed sadly that not only did the women that attacked Hillary or Sarah in 2008 aren’t any different then the teenage girls that fight each other in the street for reasons such as “She rolled her eyes at me.” or other such statements. How different is that from Samantha Powers calling Hillary Clinton a monster? The truth is one is a group of adult women and the other group teenagers. Those teenagers will grow up one day and hopefully they will find sisterhood.
Sisters if we ever want to break the glass ceilings then we need to stop the fighting and start treating each other with respect.