August 2009



Obama Proving Incapable of Terror Fight

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Obama is making a huge mistake and putting our Country at risk for going after the CIA. He is having enough problems with health care I guess he thinks this Country is a bunch of Peace freaks and we aren’t. The CIA kept us safe.

A Blue Dog’s lament: ‘People are scared’ – Jonathan Martin –

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The Blue Dogs are damned if they do and damnned if they don’t. The American people are demanding their congress listens to them.
I hope the Blue Dogs don’t all turn yellow.

Bill and Hillary Clinton get out of Bermuda before Hurricane Bill strikes

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Rude protests are American tradition | | The Detroit News

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It seems that Harry and Nancy want the American people to just sit down quietly and accept their Healthcare plan. Americans have always protested rudely does anyone recall something called the Boston Tea Party.

When Liberal Leaders Confront a Centrist Nation

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The majority of people are moderates in this Country and have been for a long time. The American people do not like spending all this money. There is a reason that the Democrats lost in 1994 and the Republicans lost in 2006. The Democrats did not get a mandate to spend money foolishly and that is what they are doing this is going to hurt them in 2010. They need to listen to the American people and stop listening to the media.

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